National Day to Dance

Paul's National Dance Day

Saturday, July 25th is National Dance Day. People from all over the country come to shake their booty. This auspicious day is an “unofficial” holiday, but it achieved national recognition in 2010 by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to promote and support dance education and physical fitness.

The originator of the event is the co-creator of the program So You Think You Can Dance, Nigel Lythgoe. All forms of dance are celebrated – from classical to street improv. Host cities provide event support via local contractors for staging, lighting, caterers and accommodations as they are expecting party buses to show up filled with dance troops, and individuals arriving in town to make their solo debuts.

Dance plays a crucial role in supporting the well-being not only of the physical health, but also the emotional and spritual well-being of a culture. Dancing has been acknowledged as a core value to any society, and is now recognized as a fundamental mainstay of a healthy culture.


Science Studies Happiness

Paul's HappinessThe one thing all humans have in common is we all want to be happy. The very essence of what we do and what we are willing to put up with is done with the end goal in mind to be happy. How each of us attains that goal may be very individual, but no matter – as humans we all share this same basic criteria for living a satisfied life.

Despite a lot of our efforts though, if we are working overtime towing st louis hurts around and savoring old wounds we will put a self imposed barrier up to the elusive happiness we seek. Some, and we’ve all known someone like this, have mistakenly assumed that misery brings happiness via empathy, attention, perhaps pity, but anyone who has tried to live that kind of life for long realizes happiness is lost.


Fascinating Trio of Fun News

Paul's fun facts

So much going on and so few words to describe it all.Once in awhile we are given the gift of an unusual circumstance, person or thing coming into our lives. This can appear through any number of ways; our interactions with Nature, another human, a situation or technology.

When we are inspired by an unusual happening, or life gives us party bus rentals to a special event with front row seats, we are often overwhelmed with awe and gratitude. It gives our lives even more meaning, and by human nature we want to pass something of it along to others.


It Doesn’t Take Much To Give

When you think of contributing to others it nearly always means a financial gift or a donation of your time. But what if you don’t have either of those? Have you ever thought that you could make a significant difference in someone else’s life without having to give money or your time or for that matter even be in good health? When we think of coming forward to help those in need, many of us mistakenly think we don’t have enough ourselves, so how could we give generously to others?

What if you didn’t need to give money, or volunteer your time or even have to participate with consistently good health to make a contribution? How can anyone with the even the barest of necessities themselves possibly cater decidedly to others? Well, many have discovered, it doesn’t take much to give. Take these forward thinking Niagara dental offices for example. They decided to give their patients some added value by giving away free floss and tooth brushes in order to keep their teeth healthy.