Paul's About PRLOL


What are we up to here at Prlol? Press Release Laugh out Loud, Press Release Live out Loud, Press Release Love out Loud, Press Release Lord OH Lordy! Well . . . We are about all of those things.

We want to bring some lightness into a heavy day. Our articles will keep you informed of the bright side of the daily news. No heavy happenings released from this site – just the stuff that will put a smile on your face. Like a press release about the 3 new panda cubs at the Beijing Zoo, or the latest Darwin Award winner, or the new Broadway musical featuring your favorite Tony Award winning actor.

We want to keep it light, timely and interesting. If it’s not headline news then you will probably find it here. If it’s the type of press release that is usually buried to give more front page room to the latest scandal or political hubbub, then, it’s likely to show up in the pages of PRLOL.

Normally a press release is short and concise, clipped to report the bare bone essentials of a story. There’s no doubt that we will go over and beyond that, delivering newsy information that you might otherwise miss because it’s buried under the “necessary, deemed need – to know” headlines that dominate today’s news media.

We hope you enjoy our musings and leave comments sharing your latest news of the day. We just might include it in one of our upcoming PRLOLs.