Fascinating Trio of Fun News

Paul's fun facts

So much going on and so few words to describe it all.Once in awhile we are given the gift of an unusual circumstance, person or thing coming into our lives. This can appear through any number of ways; our interactions with Nature, another human, a situation or technology.

When we are inspired by an unusual happening, or life gives us party bus rentals to a special event with front row seats, we are often overwhelmed with awe and gratitude. It gives our lives even more meaning, and by human nature we want to pass something of it along to others.

#1 – Surprise Visit 

This is one of those events: Brad Rich and his friends were out in his small craft on Resurrection Bay, Alaska. Fishing and enjoying each others company, just taking in the day in all its Alaskan beauty, they began to hear and sight humpback whales in the distance. Rich and Tony are both knowledgeable fishermen and having lived in Alaska, Brad had experienced the enormity of Nature’s expressions before.

They knew the humpbacks were in the bay and had hopes of sighting them, but they were content to fish and take what may. You’ll see in the video what surprise Nature had in store for them. What they had was the rare pleasure of encountering anything beyond the stretch of their imaginations.

#2 – Wearable Technology

We’ve all seen or at least heard of the Apple watch. It hasn’t lived up to all the hype, but it’s just getting started, and I’m sure there’s more to come. So the concept of wearing technology isn’t new. Now there is a company named Team Turquoise that is developing wearable “jewelry” that can help us regulate our moods. This technology could take the place of oral medication and assist us in staying calm, lead us away from depression, give us the ability to focus more clearly, and help us live more productive lives.

Also known as empathic technology the wearer can control the desired results – liking calming your nerves before giving a big presentation, or if you get nervous when flying. If preferred, it can be set to specific algorithms custom designed for the individual by a medical professional. So away with anxiety meds, mood altering drugs? Who knows how this is going to be received by Big Pharma, and it does seem a bit Orwellian, but for now the possibility of reducing the number of one in every 10 Americans taking antidepressants down to possibly none is good news.

#3 – More than Just a Pretty Face

In my home I have 26 mostly beautiful houseplants. Some have been with me for years and are like my kids. They get fed and bathed and talked to. Lest I sound a little off the wall, as it turns out my houseplants have probably kept me healthier than if they weren’t around. Science has long proven that greenery calms us and cleans our air, but more research suggests that plants do more than that.

Paul's watering houseplantsIn the past 15 years science has studied how plants communicate with one another. They actually “talk” using words that no human can understand. Within their complex way of communicating to one another they apparently transmit signals that tell each other that the environment is healthy and it’s a good place to grow.

If your environment is toxic, physically or emotionally a plant will eventually react. They are an indicator that all is well, or things need to change. According to The Scientist neswletter taking good care of houseplants gives them an avenue to deliver a communication to the owner.

Subtle for sure and it might explain why some people think of themselves as having a green thumb while others have no talent at all for the greenies – they aren’t listening. What a wonderful world we live in. Learning how to communicate better through nature, and technology should bring us even closer to appreciating each other. Lessons abound that potentially unify us all as inhabitants of this great planet.