It Doesn’t Take Much To Give

When you think of contributing to others it nearly always means a financial gift or a donation of your time. But what if you don’t have either of those? Have you ever thought that you could make a significant difference in someone else’s life without having to give money or your time or for that matter even be in good health? When we think of coming forward to help those in need, many of us mistakenly think we don’t have enough ourselves, so how could we give generously to others?

What if you didn’t need to give money, or volunteer your time or even have to participate with consistently good health to make a contribution? How can anyone with the even the barest of necessities themselves possibly cater decidedly to others? Well, many have discovered, it doesn’t take much to give. Take these forward thinking Niagara dental offices for example. They decided to give their patients some added value by giving away free floss and tooth brushes in order to keep their teeth healthy.

Since 1999 The Greater Good has given over $35 million dollars to various well deserved recipients worldwide. Here’s the thing, any of us can give for free to any number of different causes in less than a minute of our time. The has an on-line presence that gives the user an accurate, timely experience through stories and videos of where the world and it’s people are in need the most.

It is an outstanding organization with many eyes on the needs of the homeless, the elderly, veterans, those fighting diseases like Alzheimers and cancer, along with environmental concerns and animal welfare. They are available for the good of the world from thousands, literally thousands of different points of entry. They are not politically run and their agenda is not dictated by government.

good to give

One of this writer’s soft spots if for elephants. These gentle giants are being saved from work camps and circuses and given sanctuary to live out their days because of the Greater Good. Hundreds of elephants over the years have been given their lives back.

Reforestation of thousands of acres of land where these magnificent creatures live have been restored and been returned to an inhabitable environment. They are cared for even in their freedom. I helped make this happen by spending less than a minute a day at the Greater Good website.

Literacy is also an ongoing project under the wing of the Greater Good. They bring books and computers to places where they are difficult to come by. A priority undertaking is educating children and women in countries where they must devote so much of their time to working in the fields and child rearing rather than learning to read. Literacy opens doors to better jobs, civic involvement and voting. Mothers can help their children with their school work. This brings power to a segment of society that can make a difference in the over all well being of an entire country.

Another area where so much is being done is with veterans. The US has an appalling number of vets coming home with PTSD and other mental and physical disabilities. Sadly, our veterans administration is still far behind when it comes to giving them all the help they require.

The good news is that organizations like the Greater Good support our returning troops with links that get them assistance both within and outside the VA. Job placement and employment services for returning vets and family resources for families of deployed vets are programs that have helped take an edge off. Who deserves our help most as a nation other than those who have fought to protect it? That’s the way the Greater Good sees it and supports it.

These are just a few of the ways the is making a difference. Go to their website and look it over. Find something that especially appeals to you and click the FREE tab that allows you to give without spending. Every time you click on the FREE button one of the many sponsors on their site donates toward the cause of your choice. Of course there’s a way to spend time and money and give even more, but look into it and believe me, it doesn’t take much to give.

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